Phoenix Restoration, located in Austin Texas, provides a full range of

book and paper conservation and preservation services



                        Book conservation and preservation services to rare books, family bibles, and childrens books include:

                           Repairs to tears in the text block using handmade paper

                           Washing pages to reduce or remove stains

                           Lining with handmade paper to reinforce weak areas

                           Repairing or replacing leather or cloth book cover

                           Repairing or replacing missing leather or cloth spine

                           Full and partial sewing of the text block

                           Stabilizing loose book covers - inner and outer hinge repairs



                         Paper conservation and preservation services include:

                          Scrapbooks- repair to pages and structure

                          Repair to family documents and family archives including advice on storage

                          Repair to family photographs including convex photographs

                          Fine art prints and drawings- mending tears, removing mats and backings, stain reduction, tape removal

                          Humidification and flattening of parchment documents

                          Book dust jackets - filling areas of loss, tape removal when possible